ISC English Class 11 Syllabus 2023-24

There are two papers: Paper 1 is English Language (3 hours) of 80 marks and Paper 2 is Literature in English (3 hours) of 80 marks.

Paper 1: English Language

Question One

A composition on one of a number of subjects. [20 Marks]

You are required to select one composition topic from a choice of six. The choice will normally include narrative, descriptive, reflective, argumentative, discussion topics and short story. The required length of the composition is 450 - 500 words.

Question Two

(a) Directed writing (article writing, book review, film review, review of cultural programme, speech writing, report writing and personal profile) based on suggested points. [15 Marks]

(b) Proposal Writing based on a given situation. The proposal should include (i) An Introduction (ii) Objectives (iii) List of measures to be taken. A concluding statement is desirable. [10 Marks]

Question Three

Short-answer questions to test grammar, structure and usage. [15 Marks]

All the items in this question are compulsory, and their number and type / pattern may vary from year to year. They will consist of short-answer, open completion items or any other type, which will test the candidates’ knowledge of the essentials of functional English grammar and structure. Only two or three types will be included in any one examination.

Question Four

Comprehension. [20 Marks]

A passage of about 500 words will be provided.

It is recommended that about 45 minutes should be spent on Question one, 55 minutes on Question two, 30 minutes on Question three and 50 minutes on Question four.

Paper 2: Literature in English

You are required to answer five questions as follows:

One textual question (compulsory) on the Shakespeare play / alternative prescribed play together with four other questions on at least three texts, which may include the Shakespeare play/ alternative play.

Question 1 is compulsory [20 Marks], four other questions, each carrying 15 Marks.

The textual question, which will be set on the Shakespeare play/alternative play, will contain three short passages and candidates will be required to answer questions set on two of the passages. These Questions may require candidates to explain words and phrases, to rewrite passages in modern English, or to relate an extract to the work as a whole.

The rest of the questions on the Shakespeare play/alternative play and on the other prescribed texts will require essay-type answers and will be set on the episodes, the plot or plots, themes or ideas, characters, relationship and other prominent literary qualities of the texts prescribed.

Syllabus to be covered in Class XI

I. Drama: The Tempest: William Shakespeare (Class XI: Act 1, Act 2, Act 3)

II. Echoes: A Collection of ISC Short Stories (Evergreen Publications (India) Ltd, New Delhi).

  1. Salvatore - W. Somerset Maugham
  2. Fritz - Satyajit Ray
  3. Quality - John Galsworthy
  4. The Chinese Statue - Jeffrey Archer
  5. A Gorilla in the Guest Room - Gerald Durrell

III. Reverie: A Collection of ISC Poems (Evergreen Publications (India) Ltd, New Delhi)

  1. The Dolphins - Carol Ann Duffy
  2. The Gift of India - Sarojini Naidu
  3. John Brown - Bob Dylan
  4. Desiderata - Max Ehrmann
  5. The Spider and the Fly - Mary Botham Howitt