ICSE Civics Class 8 Syllabus

ICSE Civics Class 8 Syllabus

The syllabus consists of two themes - The Three main organs of the Indian Government: Legislature, Executive, Judiciary; and United Nations.

Theme 1: The Three main Organs of the Indian Government

Legislature, Executive, Judiciary

  • Legislature - Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, composition, term, election, qualifications, Presidency officer. Powers & functions of the Union Parliament.
  • Executive - The President, The Vice-President, Prime Minister and Council of Ministers - qualifications, election (method not procedure) powers and functions.
  • The Judiciary - The Supreme Court and High Court - Composition, qualifications of judges, appointment, Jurisdiction and functions: Original, Appellate, Revisory, Judicial Review, Court of Record, Writs, what are Writs - few examples

Theme 2: United Nations

  • Aims and Principles, Organs (all SLR mention in brief) - General Assembly, Security Council, International Court of Justice (detail) - Composition and functions.
  • Agencies of UN - UNESCO, UNICEF, WHO - functions only.